Saturday, May 28, 2016

Tree Skirts
I made one to donate for a gift card tree for a fundraiser at work. I have 6 more to make, and keep taking orders for another one every time someone sees it.
Here is how I put them together
Stitched out the designs from One Song Needlearts onto taffeta with polyester batting and muslin backing.
Cut out designs and serged around all the inside edges. Started at a bottom corner, up one straight side, across the curved center, down a straight side. I did not serge the bottom curve yet.
Sewed sections together in 2's, matching the stitching lines at the top, bottom and center with a pin. Used 1/2" seam allowance, about the width of the edge stitching on the design.
Sewed 2 sections of 4 together and then pressed all seams open on the back.
Serged around the entire outside edge.
Made bias binding or used purchased wide double fold bias in a matching color.
Stitched  bias binding at the 1/2 inch line to both remaining straight edges.
Folded 1 of the straight edges under and topstitched.
 Stitched bias binding around the inside center circle, turning the edges under at the beginning and the end.
Stitched 1 inch pieces of Velcro to the underside of the topstitched edge and the top of the bias binding edge, in matching places at 4 spots.
Pressed under the hem at the edge of the stitching line, about 1/2" hem and topstitched at 1/4".

Now, to stitch out and finish 6 more.

One of the design options, finished at the Sewing Retreat

Feather design, shown on the longarm

Finished tree skirt

Back side

Velcro closure, sewn onto bias binding along one seam

Serged edges

bias binding in center

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